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Advance Engineering is the name of trusted building construction services. It is about systematizing and synchronizes the people, tools and materials so that the building work is done professionally, safe & sound and in an environmentally perceptive and maintainable way. The skills of our Advance Engineering team of project and asset management are imperative to construction and maintaining the infrastructure we need to live in cities and towns in the 21st century.

Our Profile

Our engineer work has combined experience of years in structural design, analysis, construction and researches. Advance Engineering projects include, building foundations and frames, encompass the residential and commercial environments, roads and footpath construction, and endow the utilities of:

  • Porta Cabins / Containers
  • Building structure
  • Mapping
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling
  • Concrete
  • Stonework
  • Wood construction methods (closet, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, walls, furniture etc)
  • Steel and Iron work (doors, windows, fences etc)
  • Glass Work (for glass doors, windows, and home decoration)
  • Illumination (wiring, mandatory and decorative lighting, etc)
  • Sanitary or Plumbing (Water Pipes and Gas Pipes Fitting)

We are regularly consulted by owners, builders, contractors, realtors, various agencies, and lawyers for our expertise. Our construction management following by an asset management phase involving operation, maintenance, and renovation and retrofitting over the remaining existence of the infrastructure asset. Our engineering management deals with all these construction elements so that the infrastructure owner, public or private sector, gets value for money spent with the perfect look and work of their asset. Find out more detail regarding construction in our services page.

Industries in which we work

The escalating hard works towards attaining superior and new business projects have showed the company to mass of engineering regulations. Now it is company’s privilege to be working in automotive, manufacturing, government and private sector, material & mining, design and ecological areas other than its well-built standing in engineering venture for power, chemicals, petro chemicals, roads/motorways, buildings and airports.

Advance Engineering Practices

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Our Skills

Building structure 90
Mapping 95
Roads / Footpath 85
Infrastructure 75

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