Project Description

As you are aware the menace of corruption has thwarted all efforts, aimed at institution building and improving public service delivery. Curbing this menace ranks very high on the agenda of our Government. The issue has been discussed in detail in the first Cabinet meeting and on many subsequent occasions, as governance cannot be improved unless corruption, nepotism, inefficiency and conflict of interest are tackled upfront.

In view of the above, you must issue clear directions to the officers and staff working under the administrative control of your Ministry, as well as the contractual appointees, inductees and deputationists, to perform their assigned duties professionally and in the interest of the general public. There is no room for corrupt and non transparent practices in the present dispensation. The presently deployed staff needs to be properly screened and those having reputation of inefficiency, unfriendly attitude towards public and corruption shall be removed, and/or their contracts cancelled forthwith. The imperatives of good governance are not complete without strict observance of official code of conduct, as well as compliance of general principles of transparency, respect of rules and laws.

In order to have a completely new outlook of the Government, we need to be very careful in the selection of our teams and those holding positions of authority, whether in the Divisions or the statutory bodies, as this selection can affect the image of the Government, on the one hand and its performance on the other. People of Pakistan have reposed their trust and confidence in our Government and to betray their trust is not an option.

Instructions must be strictly followed to bring improvements in the performance of respective domains. I will also urge you to keep me informed about the status of compliance.